Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hello from Oaxaca (again)! We’re here for the conference Rolene has been planning along with other environmental activists in Oaxaca. At this point, about 50 environmental groups from outside of Oaxaca have registered and we’re expecting several more from within Oaxaca. I’ll have to fill you in on more conference details later. Honestly, I’m a little out of the loop about the conference stuff because this is the first time since Sunday that I’ve been out of bed.
I got hit with a bad case of amigdalitis. Sounds fancy, huh? It’s only strep throat so don’t get too excited. I’ve been pretty miserable. Being sick far from home is somehow worse. Luckily, we arrived at the hotel in Oaxaca before I started feeling really terrible, so I haven’t had to camp or travel while super-sick. I saw a doctor and got antibiotics and they are starting to kick in, thank goodness.
Sorry I've been so slackerish about writing and posting pictures. I have my excuses (less internet opportunities in Nicaragua, having too much fun in Mexico City to sit down and write, getting sick) but I'm sorry anyhow. Also, it makes it harder to write a good entry when I'm trying to remember what has happened over the last two weeks instead of the last few days.
Here's the short story: We (Rolene, Juan, Kent and Carol from New Zealand, and myself) left Marcala, Honduras and moved to La Tigra National Park, where we camped for two nights. Then we crossed the border into Nicaragua and stayed a night in Ocotel and a night in Estelli before going to Managua to catch our plane up to Mexico City en route to Oaxaca. We left Kent and Carol just outside of Managua and Juan caught a bus home from Managua the same morning of our flight. We stayed in Mexico City for three nights because it's so hard to leave that place, what with the fun and friends, and came to Oaxaca by bus on Sunday. I've been in bed since then, and that's that.

These two photos were taken in La Tigra National Park.

This was at the park too, but inside the truck. Who wants to play Canasta (Kanasta?) when I get home? It's my new favorite game. Even better than Rummikub, if you can believe that.

I saw this tree while walking with Juan. Rolene hasn't walked since the accident but Juan, Carol and I walked. The walk must go on!!! It's very different to walk without Rolene. We have a rhythm and a pace that we fall into and having other people isn't better or worse, just very different. The walk this day was very difficult for me. Not sure why exactly, but I was much more tired than I usually am. Maybe I missed Rolene.

In Nicaragua, between Ocotel and Estelli. We had to hotfoot it through the first part of Nicaragua in order to make our flight on the 12th, so we did more driving than walking. I'm looking forward to getting back and walking for a few weeks through Nicaragua and getting to know that country more intimately.

Our family portrait the day we were going our separate ways. It's amazing how close you can feel to people after only a week of traveling together. It was sad to say goodbye but Rolene and I have a feeling we'll be seeing these friends again.

The grand reunion with Jenny Barry, aka Yenny. We volunteered and lived together at the Casa de los Amigos back in 2006 and haven't seen each other since. Even though we only lived together for three months, Yenny quickly became one of my forever friends and it was more than awesome to see her again. She has recently moved back to Mexico City from Baltimore. Just another reason to keep going back to good ole' Mexico City!

I only included this because it's hilarious. To us, at least.

Agnita, daughter of Nick Wright and Jill Anderson, from the Casa de los Amigos. Kids these days won't let you take their picture without wanting to see it right away. It's a new generation.

Alright, that's it for now. I'll try to write more frequently--I don't want to lose my loyal guys are still out there, aren't you?


  1. Still here!! I'm an appreciative reader/follower, though a lazy commenter.

    PS - i snickered at the scary shadow bird picture. after i scrolled down to read/see the rest, i scrolled back up and giggled. It is possible that I might scroll back up and snort after commenting, but there are no guarantees.

  2. It's not a bird, it's a marionette. A scary if there are non-scary marionettes, right?

  3. where else would we be? personally, i just sit at my computer and wait until you post. i actually haven't moved since you left. can you come home now? my butt is really really sore. is rolene okay since the accident - is that why she isn't walking?

  4. Yeah, she's pretty sore and bruised up. But, she's getting better. By the time we get back to Nicaragua on Tuesday she should be ready to start walking again, slowly but surely. I'll be home soon, I promise. I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about what life will be like when I get home. I was too excited to fall asleep. A good problem to have, no?

  5. Love you sis, I am looking at flights to California right now, can't wait to see you!!!!