Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little post from la ciudad

Just a quick note, with no pictures.
We are now walking between Guatemala City and Chiquimula. Each kilometer brings us away from the city and therefore away from the heavy traffic, which is nice. There were moments (of about 10 seconds) today where there wasn't a big truck or car passing us. It was heavenly--to breathe without fumes, to have no chance of being hit, to hear ourselves think for a bit. It's very loud on the highway. It would be nice if there were reliable and safe rural roads to walk on, but the highway is the only way we can reliably know where we are and that we are safe, relatively speaking of course. There just aren't side roads that go the same direction as the highway, so it's what we've got. Also, there's not much camping here in Guatemala. Rolene did a lot of camping in Mexico, but camping is not common here and certainly not close to where we need to be. We've mostly stayed in people's homes with a few nights in hotels and in the truck. Right now we are staying in the dorms at a Nazarene Seminary, of all places.
We talked to a school today, middle school aged. They were very sweet and mostly attentive and then crowded around us to talk and ask questions. I'll post pictures next time, maybe even later tonight. Later, alligators!


  1. I'm worried about you and all the fumes! Take care of your body!

  2. PS. I set my blog up so you can follow it now. Like you asked. Be my first stalker!

  3. Darcy, It's me ellen from strawberry creek. I'm not even sure you know who I am. I spent the last 10 days with an older man who has alzheimers. I felt pretty down. After reading your blog, I feel alot more hope. i am so incredulous at what you and Rolene are doing. I love your photos and explanations about them and the expression of your feelings. You are an interesting and expressive and clear writer!!
    It's raining here alot thank-goodness
    I love the rain.
    blessings to you and rolene on this trip.