Tuesday, February 10, 2009


With Christian Sosa from Chiquimula. He is really friendly and easy to be around and has helped us so much. He set up many many many activities for us when we get to Chiquimula. We're apparently being welcomed as distinguished guests by the mayor and governor and we'll be on the radio, on TV, talking to the University...surreal, to say the least. I'll let you know how it goes. Christian is taking me to some pretty town today while Rolene talks to a school or two.
The Quaker church we visited last night.
A monument by the side of the road to those lost in the big earthquake in 1976.
In general, Lain America has really compact cities. When we were leaving Guatemala City, we were only 10 miles from the center of town (population 3 million) and already in rolling hills with very few houses. But, Guatemala has discovered the wonders of gated suburbia...coming soon!
We walked 10 miles to find this world famous international night club...darn.

As you can see, our route has been pretty beautiful over the past few days. We are off the main highway, headed east towards Chiquimula. It's wonderful to have a break from the heavy traffic. Also, we're out of the big mountains and in warmer climates. It's sort of desert-y and sort of tropical, but whatever it is, it's hot. I love it! I was so tired of being cold, and it felt even colder than it probably was because we didn't expect to be that cold for that long.

After leaving the Nazarene seminary, we stayed at a nice hotel for two nights. It had a swimming pool, which was wonderful, considering our newfound heat. We are now staying with a family in Zacapa and have 4 days to do 2 days worth of walking, so we're relaxing for a bit.

Okey dokey, I think Christian is here to pick me up, so I'll sign off. "Talk" to you soon!

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  1. yay! i like when you include pictures of yourself. also, yes, you can babysit.