Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine flu bananarama

So, more people are dying and the city is getting more scared, understandably. Yesterday about 50% of people were wearing masks outside. Today was more like 65%.
The Reunion General, the Quaker thing in Monterrey, was canceled, as was the wedding I was supposed to go to. So, I'm thinking about coming home early. I wouldn't mind being in Mexico City for two weeks if everything wasn't shut down and my life weren't in danger. Sigh...
Also, my camera broke yesterday. It got knocked out of my hand while the lens was zoomed out and it landed right on the lens and bent it and it won't open or close or turn on at all. I'm kind of bummed (and you might be too, because I will have no pictures to entertain you with) but at least it didn't break while I was still visiting new places. I've never destroyed two cameras in one trip before, so that's a new record.
I'll let you know what day I decide to fly home. Think healthy thoughts.


  1. thoughts=healthy.

    sorry to hear the end of your trip is going like this :-(

  2. healthy thoughts. healthy thoughts.